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LEA Platform

Teraconsult's LEA Platform is primarily intended for law enforcement, investigation, public safety and emergency response agencies and organizations.

The LEA platform 2.1's modular architecture supports and provides integrated spatio-temporal records management, case management, forensics, crime analytics, emergency response, evidence management, incident & mission management and content management for a wide variety of agencies and organizations.

  1. Web based and Responsive - allowing enterprise role based access  records using only a web browser or connected mobile device.
  2. On-Premise or Cloud Hosted - LEA based solutii is deployable on-premise or can be cloud hosted.
  3. Smart Query - Smart integrated query and pre-emptive navigation of disparate records and mapping information through an intuitive and easy to use web portal dashboard. 
  4. Integrated Mapping and GIS - Supports integration with all major commercial and open source mapping solutions .
  5. Fully Customizable and Extensible - Queries, Reports and User interface are fully customizable and extensible. 
  6. Minimized Data Manipulation - With LEA/LIVE, legacy system data can be navigated in near real time – minimizing the need to periodically export and synchronize data between various systems.
  7. Database Centric and Spatio-Temporal by nature- LEA based solutions are completely database centric, spatio-temporal by nature, secure and scalable. 
  8. Accessible from systems you already use - Accessible by business systems and GIS Systems alike through different Web Service Protocols and interfaces.